"I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange."

Welcome to the Unofficial Twin Peaks Fan Page

Hi. My name's Catia. I'm a bit of a loner and a huge fan of Twin Peaks - The 90's show by Mark Frost and David Lynch...

In the 90's, the big question was Who Killed Laura Palmer? Back then episodes were drip fed weekly. There were ad breaks and cliffhangers. The suspense was high. Viewers were hooked. Laura Palmer was so pretty and her killer had to face justice. Agent Cooper was the guy to do that.

25 years later, rewatching the series, well, its different... we're different. Stop and think about everything thats happened in the last 20 years - 9/11, The Internet, Social Media, Reality TV... Then examine Twin Peaks. The town, characters and plotlines are now 'charming'. What was once brilliant TV now looks dull without CGI and high def. The organic face to face interactions between the characters seem so far removed from reality and the pace is so slow...(seriously, CSI would have had this solved in 22 minutes).

We've changed. That apparent. Whilst we embrace change, sometimes its good to look back and remember how innocent it was back then.... This website is dedicated to that.

"She's dead. Wrapped in plastic."